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Kiarie Candles and Home Fragrance

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When interior designer Alan MacKenzie started using candles in his designs and giving candles to his loved ones, it was the start of something big. Understanding the impact that candles and home fragrance have on an interior, and realising that the perfect candle was hard to find, Alan started on the path of creation. He was fortunate. Being the third-generation owner of design company MacKenzies of Wick, Alan already had a talented retail and design team to assist him. Between them they created Kiarie: an e-tailer purveying the finest candles in the world. After just a year, Kiarie started to win hearts. Who could resist its charms? Alan and his team spent long hours and late nights in foreign hotels trawling the planet for breathtaking candles. It wasn’t long before Kiarie became the biggest, and most successful, international candle retailer anywhere, ever. The Kiarie fairytale continues into 2005 with the launch of the Kiarie Candle Club. The club is a very special way to receive the best of all that Kiarie offers, and to support the team’s fabulous work. But that isn’t the end of the story. Kiarie isn’t just about bringing the world to your doorstep; it’s also about giving something back to the world. The very word ‘Kiarie’ is an ancient Kenyan name, chosen because Alan and his team have a very special relationship with Africa. Kiarie keeps its links with its namesake through supporting charities and working with children in this very fragile country. Visit the website of a children’s home supported by Kiarie here:

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