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BT: one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions. Within the UK, we serve more than 20 million business and residential customers with more than 30 million exchange lines, as well as providing network services to other licensed operators. BT Total Broadband: BT Total Broadband is the new name of one of the most comprehensive broadband packages yet seen in the UK. Powered by ultra-fast download speeds of up to 8Mb, BT customers now get more for their money through free internet voice calls, free video calls, and a suite of security software all brought together through the revolutionary BT Home Hub. BT Total Broadband even gives freedom to roam outside the home with free BT Openzone wireless minutes. BT Total Broadband comes with everything needed for today and tomorrow with no hidden catches. There are three BT Broadband Options, starting with a slimmed down option which is on offer at 4.95 a month for the first three months (offer ends 17th July 2008). Our top end package includes unlimited downloads free home hub and hub phone. All the packages offer free connection, ultra-fast download speeds of up to 8Mb and free Evening & Weekend UK voice calls with BTs Broadband Talk service (Voip). The BT Home Hub is a stylish and powerful device, and is the heart of the digital home. It supports BTs full range of services and connects wirelessly to PCs and other broadband devices. The Home Hub is future-proofed, updating automatically to work seamlessly with future Broadband offerings from BT including BT Fusion and BT Vision. BT Total Broadband Option 3 now comes with unlimited usage plus 375 of built in value. Customers get a wireless Home Hub worth 89.99, a Home Hub phone worth 79,99, Inclusive evening and weekend calls over the Internet worth 36, 250 BT Openzone minutes a month worth 120 and enhanced Norton security built in worth 50.

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7.78 a Month For 3 Months, 15.65 Thereafter (18 Month Contract) Broadband from BT

Fantastic 3 months deal from BT on broadband. includes: * BT Home Hub included + option to add a dongle * Up to 8Mb download speed * Basic security * 10GB mo...(more)

Added 22nd June – Expires Unknown

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